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April 22, 2012


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Laura @ 52 FLEA

Why are husbands like that Zita?
Sounds like you are busy with all sorts of wonderful family life...enjoy every minute...pretty soon they will be grown up and living on their own! (The upside of that is that there will be lots of room for vintage dresses! hehe...)
Take care, Laura :)


You should definitely have those dresses somewhere on display, they are so lovely and make a definite statement. Leahx

debbie york

I'm trying to find a vintage clothes rack just for that purpose...although goodness knows I don't have near as many as you. What a bouquet of fabric!
P.S. I'm not that familar with Confimation or Communion, but I've got a feeling it's a bittersweet time for you. Hugs!


Swoon.... those dresses deserve a very special place.

I still have photos of my first Communion, white gloves and all!


Julie jones

Zita my dear, you have the prettiest things! Thanks for sharing with us! Julie


These dresses are beautiful. I have been doing a lot of shopping online at vintage clothing stores to try and find some new dresses. I have yet to come across anything like these but have seen some that are similar. There's a lot of people that don't like vintage, I think there crazy because it is one of the best styles out there.

Molly Stevens

These are really beautiful, do you have any full shots of your collection? I love vintage dresses and it seems like you have a pretty good collection! I am always looking to check out different styles, colors, patterns ect. I definitely would love to see more!

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