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August 30, 2011


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Colette Copeland

Beautifully done, Zita.
I love those Redouté flowers too. xoxo

Theresa Smith

Those turned out great!

debbie york

They look just right to me too! God bless Tim Holtz!!!


I have some of these same images that I collected from Homes & Antiques magazine (British ed.) that I used to get here years ago. I've never done anything with them. Love how you gave them an aged appearance. I thought about decoupaging some on to an old cupboard in the bedroom but haven't gone so far as to do it just yet. Hope you are having a great day! Best wishes, Tammy

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I never took ballet but my Sister Clara graduated as a Ballet Teacher for the most prestigious ballet school in Latin America, but quit once she was an adult. I always tell her she should take classes now. Come on, both of you...Plie...pirouette...pique!!!!

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This looks like a fantastic spot for a glass of wine and a relax. Have a great weekend. Your goodies are in the mail, I hope you get them soon.

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