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March 13, 2010


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Beth Leintz

Pretty beats out high tech any day of the week!


Congrats to the very lucky winners!!!!


Well this is a super fabulous way to start off my Saturday. As French books (especially old French books) are not exactly easy to come by here in southern California, I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to be chosen as one of the winners. Merci mille fois pour votre plus jeune fille d'avoir choisi mon nom!


shoot. well, congrats to the winners!


Congratulations to the winners! Lucky girls!
Fabulous vintage hat!

Gosh...darn it!

Karla Nathan

What lucky winners!


Darn, I was feeling soooo lucky too. But congrats to the winners! I'm sure they will treat the books like the treasures they are.


love that hat Zita...congrats to your winners!!!


Darn, I missed that one! I have been working so hard I hadn't even had time to blog! Maybe next time!

Andrea - Faded Plains

Congratulations to the winners....those are some gorgeous books!

Cookie Jars

I love your blog.. sweet! :)

Rocket French

Nice vintage French books :)


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