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March 16, 2010


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It looks like you guys had a very relaxing time. To be relaxed promotes creativity, won't you agree?


Sounds wonderful,I think I need a farmhouse to relax in and have the sun shine a little brighter! :)

Nancy ~  Fete et Fleur

And a heavenly time was had by all. What a blessing!



I always soooo enjoy your farmhouse visits! And look at how creative your kids are! I love me some family time! ~Mindy


Zita, your children are so talented...i wish my boys liked to make things with me...they have done projects with clay for school when they were younger but that was only under duress...LOL...they just aren't the slightest bit artsy...maybe if i had girls...ah well...it sounds like you had a lovely time...i love your muslin ruffles and flower...can't wait to see what you use those on...


It looks as if you had a perfectly lovely and relaxed time with your beautiful kids and friend.....so wonderful that everyone is so creative and artistic!

Debbie York

Artists in training and what a training ground. I would hate leaving it to come back to the real world, but at least you know it's there just waiting for your return.


the sock monkey is adorable, but my fav is the little cat cushion! very sweet! and what fun!


Wonderful that you can spend time with your family in the quiet of your farmhouse. No TV or distractions sounds pretty good. Jill will be sending your rosette shortly, just checked in with her yesterday. Love the monkey!


Zita you have such creative children! That is a wonderful way to spend time together! I'm sure lovin' the ruffles you made.


What a great place to spend time together!


I LOVE your muslin ruffles Zita!! The whole vacation sounds wonderful!!!

Hugs ~

:) T

Natasha Burns

Looks like you are having a great time :) Love the ruffles and flower, and of course, the sock monkey!

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