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August 17, 2009


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Marcela & Clara

We have no idea what color you picked but judging by your chandeliers...you have impecable taste!!! We know it's going to be beautiful!

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

Maybe a cream or taupe colour...? Oh, please share!!!

Debbie York

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess Mlle. Magpie blue. Tell me, am I warm?
You're a braver woman than I am!


Turquoise??? :)

that is alot of work..wow wee, I am tired just looking at it...love the light!


Hi Zita! I am guessing cream.....but it could be aqua or seafoam green.....Whatever color...it sure is a lot of work and I admire your work ethic! I will be sorting through and wrapping up your goodies this weekend so perhaps the end of next week your winnings will arrive! I will let you know once they are in the mail!
Have a great night!
Laura :)


i think a soft white color...that is my guess...sounds like a daunting task indeed...good luck Zita!!!


i'm not a very good painter. glad you are. I WANT PICS!!!!!


I can't guess what color you're painting but I'll be back to see the results because I'm sure it's going to be gorgeous. I'm painting too at the moment. My youngest daughter moved to Chicago two weeks ago and I'm turning her former room into a library. Lord, how I hate painting walls, but the room is looking much nicer already. It was a light beige-brown color and now it's ... Can you guess? ;-)



As you know I too have been painting a lot recently and will shortly doing some more :-( so I know what it is like,daunting is a word that comes to mind.
My guess is white.....

Bon courage,

A fello paintress


Zita, i just saw your comment to me...LOL...yes, i do like blue too...i just don't mention it very much...i don't want my pink to be jealous...hee hee...or is that a hint that you will be painting this area blue...hmmmmmmm...i do wonder...


Best of luck with your painting job! When it's all done you'll be so happy you tackled it. What a beautiful home you have.


Good time to plow through it. It is a daunting job. When we were kids, my parents always had us paint (we moved every few years). I hated it, but now it's not so scary since I know how.

I'm guessing something neutral, but can't wait to see it.

Julie from Kindred Spirit Soap Co.

Wow, what a job! Cant wait to see the results!!!
Julie, Kindred Roses


Zita, I hate painting.. It really is such a big job.. I actually end up with more paint on me then the walls. I have so many things I want to paint and just don't.. Anyway, once it's all done, I'm always so happy..
If I had to guess a color, off white, blue.. Whatever color you pick, I know it'll look so pretty.. Happy Painting.. Can't wait to see it all done..

Nancy ! Fete et Fleur

There is nothing more refreshing than a new coat of paint. I'm going to be doing the same myself soon.

I can't wait to see the finished project.



you go girl..
i can't wait to see.

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Zita... your entrance is just simply GORGEOUS!!! I love the doorways and chandelier and moldings. My house was built in the 70s and serioulsy lacks any type of beautiful moldings.

I can't wait to see what color you choose, although I have to say I love the peachy color. I guess my guess would be white... or off white. I would love to see more of your gorgeous home... you have such a beautiful way of decorating.

xoxo Heather

the wild raspberry

ugh...i hate the prep work!
i'm so impatient with things like that.
good luck painting...

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