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August 25, 2009


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ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage & Junkologie

My office definitely needs some vintage touches! Thanks for the great ideas!!



That's an office even I can work in!!!! LOVE the knobs...isn't peely paint just so charming???...also love the view...and the idea of bringing familiar items like the green collection with you. Bravo, Zita!


I smiled when I saw the knobs! Love 'em! Great advise and a beautiful space. How lucky for you! ~Mindy

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Your office is wonderful sweetie!!! I love that you've brought things you love into it...surround yourself with what makes you smile, xxoo, Dawn

Theresa-Garden Antqs Vintage

I like the way you think. I too have personalized my space at work. I couldn't spend 8 hours there without adding my touch. Great things.

Debbie York

Nothing wrong with turning your workplace into a home away from home...if you have to be there...might as well make it as pleasant as possible!


Zita, your office looks great!!! it's nice that you could personalize it to your own style with all of your vintage touches!!!

Karla Nathan

Oh my, that is some serious reading material you have! Sounds like a tough job, I'm sure the pretty surroundings help ease your work day.


ZITA, are you kidding me, your office is adorable. I love everything, it is perfect for you and beats any old mundane office. If I could have a vintage Cubicle I so would..alas my boss won't allow it! you are inspiring me to say the least, perhaps I can have some vintage art, art is always good! thanks for sharing, I love knowing where you spend your days!


Perfect! Love that you brought in your vintage things - what a difference they make. They personalize and warm up a space that could be deadly dull.I loved seeing this!


I just looooooove those knobs to..Such vintage beauty.. You little office space is just to darn cute..That's something you get to do what you want in there.. I also loooove the view out the window..
Hope all is well..


Alas, I have a cubicle (albeit a double-wide), so not much room for big vintage, but you've inspired me to bring in a little more "vintageify". That is, of course, if I can bear to part with anything....

Andrea - Faded Plains

Your office looks so welcoming...it may be work...but I love that you brought some "home" into your space.


Your office is lovely, Zita! I love what you've done. Your sense of style is just stunning in all your blog pictures! And the view of St. Joseph's is marvelous! We never did actually get a photo of it when we were in Montreal, believe it or not! (It was raining that day, and I guess I didn't pull out the camera in our haste to get inside after a long wet walk).

Hope you're all well and that the little one is enjoying her pointe classes!

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