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March 11, 2009


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oh, i love it and NEED one of those!!

Debbie York

I love it when you speak French to me, Morticia! Start saving for the fall for sure. I probably won't be with Cat Daddy for the spring show so you need to wait and come in the fall! I love that lingerie bag. Debbie


Okay, so I guess I was wrong about the pillows (HEHE). I just love your lingerie bag it is just so beautiful.. I just love the colors... I wish I could sew good...


that bag is SO gorgeous!!!

i want to go to the big fleas in texas too one day...they look wonderful, don't they!!!


The bag is very pretty. We have a flea market here once a month, but I have not been in a long time. Just not what it use to be.

Natasha Burns

Now you've got me wanting to come to the big flea from Australia, lol! Yes, definitely, start saving up now for the one later this year. It sounds amazing!
Love that lingerie bag, it's truly beautiful :)

Vicki Archer

Don't you love these husbands and their Frequent Flyer miles! xv


Oh Zita, I sure hope you get to come to Texas in the fall, I would love to meet you in person! Coming to the Texas show without money is not all that bad, cause you will get so much inspiration you think your head will explode! But I know it's more fun if you have some money! Save, Save, Save!! Maybe you should start a blogger collection drive, SENT ZITA TO TEXAS!! Surly someone would send money!!Hah!Hah!
Later Theresa

karla nathan

I know that look!!! I'd have gotten it from my husband if I'd mentioned something like that too!


I too keep reading about how wonderful the texas shows are...maybe one day...soon :o) I really hope you can make it to the fall show to tell us all about it. By the way, that lingerie bag is simply beautiful...make sure to tell La Proprietaire we all loved it!


I am so glad to hear your experiment worked...you must have sent some of the magic to me, cause the sun has been shining all week...! I love the little lingerie sac, gorgeous..and I too like your friend Debbie love when you speak French to me! too cute...if you do get to go to the big show in Texas please show us what you bought so I can be all inspired! We have an office there for my work, maybe I should plan a business trip there the same time, do you think my boss would know if I was gone for a whole day...shopping?


I love the bag! And as luck would have it, I'm not going to Warrenton with much money. A flask and a camera will have to get me through. haha Sorry you can't make this one. I, too, will try to save up for the Fall, as well. ~Mindy


You must save those pennies! That would be such a great trip!

Gretchen Schaumann

Ahhh, I'm so glad your experiment with the pillows worked. Here in Minnesota, we still have the snow on the ground, cold temps and no sign of sunshine. I'm convinced though that Spring will appear one day! lol
I too wanted to go to Round Top this Spring, as I'm a contributor on the www.junkmarketstyle.com site and Sue Whitney and Kimberly will be doing a book release signing party throughout the show. One of my good friends, Lani is able to fly out and will meet Theresa and lots of other great people from blogger land. I sooo would love to go, but not to be this year. It is a goal to get there though.
Have a great Spring day!

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