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April 17, 2011


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debbie york

Poor little baby has to hang out...he/she has nothing to hang on with!
Ummm...I'll be sitting with the family!

Linda Jo

I love the doll heads, too. My family doesn't get it..... the kids are grown .... so they don't have to get it. But they are coming over for Easter...guess I better put some away. hee hee

Theresa Smith

You know how I like doll heads! I don't think they are creepy at all!


We are going to have so much fun getting to know each other!!

We create so much alike!
I love altered art and so get the passion behind it as you do as well!

Thank you for your beautiful comment over at my post Shelter and the cage :)

Have a beautiful French inspired week!

Julie Jones

Zita baby, a girl after my own heart. I just bought 20 doll heads on ebay, I'm so excited! My kids say they're creepy too. I think they're my new kids! And they don't talk back like the "old" kids. ha! Hugs, Julie

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