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February 28, 2011


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debbie york

As soon as I saw those roses, I knew they had to be David Austin's. I love these. Would you believe they are the only roses I can grow successfully here in Dallas?


Oh, Zita, that first photo is BEAUTIFUL. Please tell me that's your house!

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

Years ago in another home we owned, I planted antique bourbon roses and David Austin roses. I miss that garden. I've never been able to get my gardening mojo back since that time. I have promised myself to be better this year.

The first picture of your post is stunning!


Jennifer Rizzo

oh flowers! I need spring. I love that first picture!

Theresa Smith

Those are lovely! I am so ready for Spring! I can't hardly wait!


These would have to be my favourite flower, I had no idea they were David Austin roses, I thought they were peonies, that's how little I know about flowers, but I know a beautiful flower when I see one and this is definitely it!!


I'm so loving that first photo...love that it's beautiful and lived in...and yes, I too am anxiously awaiting spring.

r4 revolution

You share such a amazing pictures of flowers.It is really wonderful pictures.I love that all flowers it made me smile.

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