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December 16, 2010


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Theresa Smith

It's so sweet that hubby doesn't mind going into those kinds of stores to shop for you! And that bag is so pretty! Good luck thinking up something for him!

debbie york

I adore gift wrapped presents! I'm thinking a home cooked meal may be all the gift he'll want after that much traveling. Well maybe just one other little thing! Got your mistletoe handy?


oh boy! what fun and what a good hubby! i have a difficult one to buy for too...always a stumper! so good luck to both of us!


You are just the perfect wife...always thinking about sweet husband...LOL!!!!

Karla Nathan

Lucky you!!

sweet pea

merry christmas zita! thank you for leaving such sweet comments on my blog!



Julie Jones

Dear Zita, how are you? I need your email so we don't have to keep meeting like this! Merry Christmas, my email is

lorraine lewis

zita i am so excited to see what is inside the package- how very fun.

thank you so much for participating in our auction, it was so very kind of you to bid. i wish kitty could have gone home to you but alas she decided to stay stateside!

merry christmas to you dear zita.

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