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September 07, 2010


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Ok, I am getting jealous, the room is looking organized! And it appears to be a good size space! I am a follower stop on over to my Blog you just might want to be one of my followers (; Hugs, Diane


Looks incredible! and I love Ikea, very affordable organizers. Ciao Rita mammabellarte


It looks great! I love to move around things I already have and not have to leave the house to make a change! Enjoy your new room!
Hugs, Lisa


So fabulous! I love it. Love your rule, use what you have.....


Can I move in? I can have sooo much fun in that room...I promise you I'll be a good tenant!!!


Zita this is so awesome. WOW, you have a lot of great 'stuff'.
It is coming together fast.

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

Zita, it looks wonderful!!!! Love all the pink details, of course...!!!

debbie york

How do you get anything done. I would be too busy just looking at everything and sighing especially the colors and the books!

Dawn Edmonson

OHMYGOODNESS!!!! ZITA! What a gorgeous, gorgeous workspace!! It's absolutely beautiful to me ~ the Ikea shelves work so wonderfully in there too...hugs and love, Dawn


I love it Zita...all the shelves filled with vintage goodness...they are full of inspriation.

lorraine lewis

Zita your art space is going to be wonderful. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pretty pink wicker basket! Have fun creating a beautiful space to create pretty things!


How are you rewarding your awesome husband? He is making the rest of us guys look bad!

Karla Nathan

That cabinet is amazing!! I'd be thrilled to "use what I have" if I had that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

andrea singarella

Beautiful, gorgeous, love, love, love it all! Can I move in?

Wanda @ Just Vintage

Yes, I believe that would be my favorite cabinet, too! It's wonderful! The shelves are coming along nicely. It's all looking good.


Looking fine..like "use what you have"...time to do some chanhe in my room..


Ahhh your art space looks grand, truly grand! One thing I am not is organized, I wish I had your skills at that, my studio would be so much nicer looking!

Btw, Mr. Fox is making a guest-star appearance on my blog today:



wow Zita, the room looks fantastic! I love what you have done so far! all the pink and turquoise looks fantastic!! and I am swooing over your quilt collection...droool~


Look at all that pink and aqua/turquoise! I am telling you,Zita - we just have more and more in common!

Your room is looking simply fabulous.


when do you start the tours! i wanna come! looking adorable!

Natasha Burns

eeeek~!!!! i want to be in that amazing room right now! twitching my nose... hmmmm i'm still here. drats!


Your room is really coming together! I can tell you really love pink and blue! Everything looks great, hope you enjoy it!


Wow, what a glorious room, you have so many gorgeous things! Tamara x

Stephanie O.

What a great room. I love the white bookcases all lined up filled with treasures...

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