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August 22, 2010


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Wait a minute... you were in England and Germany last week???? I want to hear more about that! You are going to LOVE having your own creative space. You might check out Teresa McFayden's studio (it was in one of the Where Women Create magazines) - her's is also in the basement and she's done a great job making it look light and airy.



How exciting is this, Zita???? Your own room! I can't wait to see the transformation!!!


Ahhh...a space of your own...you gonna love it! Can't wait to see what you come up with.


Best of luck with setting up your new space...so exciting!


Yeah a room of her own!! love it! cannot wait to see what you do to this room, and yahoo for your 85 year old dad to help you...yehaw!! enjoy.


Oh goodie, a room of your own..I finally got mine 18 months ago, oh yes it is sometimes a guestroom, but no matter..looking forward to seeing what magic you do to this place..

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