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July 29, 2010


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I love this car, love it, sooo cute and the color is perfection!! oh please say hubby said yes, I can see afternoons with just the two of you in it, riding into the sunset. ok wait was that cheesy or what? xo


YES! You should buy it. Definitely! My Honey has Mini Cooper S (not vintage but small) and he loves it. I prefer my Pilot.


Zita, Clara's husband bought one and restored it completely! Red! A perfect toy!!! They drove it a few times around the neighborhood and people took pictures, too funny! Is now for sale, it will be sad to see it go!


That would be so hard to pass up. LOVE the color too!!!!


Love that car! I would have a hard time passing that up :)

Heather Kowalski

oh my, it is just THE perfect car!!! I hope he gets it... I can just imagine you whipping around town in that little beauty. pretty color too


She is gorgeous and has your name on it :-)

Leeann x


I love it so much!!! Just pure Vintage CUTENESS!~and the perfect color!

le petit cabinet de curiosites

This is the most adorable car I have ever seen. I love old tiny Fiat cars


I fell in love with these litle cars when I visited Italy. A few years ago, my husband and I bought a baby blue one.... very similar to this one. It wasbroken down much more than it was up and running. We sold it a year ago... I miss it. My father in law has 2 I can take for a spin if I ever feel I have an urge to get another. I am sure they too would leave me sitting along side of the road....

Stelle Courney

Ahhh, the Fiat. I love that car. It's so cute and stylish. I think it's cuter than the Beetle or even the Mini. Just look at it, it's like a bar of soap. It's perfect for the narrow streets of Europe. I would definitely love to own one, especially the convertible version.

Timmy Radloff

Yes, it is, indeed, a beautiful vehicle. I think that was featured in the Cars 2 movie. Anyway, have you guys decided if you're going to buy that one? That would probably suit your taste. I would prefer to own a black one.

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