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January 18, 2010


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THAT'S what I'm talking about! I buy things all the time to salvage just one element of them! Good for you!


isn't it wonderful when that happens?!? i recently found an old handmade doll, comprised mostly of strips of cotton/sheeting (picture a modified octopus!) and took it apart to use the strips for stamped ribbon:) all for 50 cents - i'm thrilled!


marcela & clara

You're just too clever! Great idea, Zita!!


That was a great find and good thinking!
:) The bowl of pearls even looks pretty just as it is!

Wanda @ Just Vintage

Gosh, those pearls are a pretty color, aren't they? Good eye!


I hope I get better at looking at things and seeing what they can be. Great find.


great thinking Zita!!!

Debbie York

Have you seen the wreaths that are covered in sweaters? They are precious!
Love the pink pearls...they look gorgeous just in the bowl.


I do the same. I just found this summer an ugly sweater at Goodwill, with shoulder pads, that screamed 80's. Its only saving grace was that it was covered in hundreds of tear drop crystals and pearls. I cut them all off for a far better and grander use. The sweater was 50% off so I got alot of beads for my $2.00.

Common Ground

Zita, you are amazing with your ideas and creative insight. I for one, sometimes lack seeing potential in things. Thanks for the reminder, and the pink pearls are gorgeous!


I love the color Zita, and you are creative so I am sure these will be added to something wonderful!

Karla Nathan

I look forward to seeing what the rest of the sweater becomes!

Angela Harris

This is one of my favorite thrifty tips ever. My favorite consignment has $1 clothing and it's basically my fabric store :)

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