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October 23, 2009


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ooooh!!! you found some goodies there Zita for sure...i love the jewelry pieces...and are those Christmas balls on the bottom...i think so...the color is so pretty on those!!!

marcela & clara

Clara has found the most amazing stuff in our local SA, unfortunately, I don't have the same luck! :(
It looks like you walked away with some pretties!!! Good job!

Fete et Fleur

Those vintage pearls are gorgeous! I have a pair that belonged to my Grandmother. I'm always amazed that people just toss things like this to the wind. Wonderful find!



you are too good! sadly, i don't have the patience for those places...but i may have to work on that!

Vicki Archer

Love the pearls...especially the earrings. Have a wonderful weekend, xv.


great finds Zita, I am with Marcela, sometimes I find things, mostly not!! you scored, happy weeknd!

Andrea - Faded Plains

You always find the best stuff!

Debbie York

All the Salvation Army stores here in Dallas think they are boutiques. They are as high as a cat's back especially the main store downtown!
You're one lucky lady with your blue radar.


Yep I agree! I love our Salvation Army here.
I also love the fact that I may be helping someone get back on their feet, while I'm finding a great treasure.


Those pearls are gorgeous! I have a real thing about vintage pearls. Lucky, lucky you!

The Flying Bee

Fabulous finds! Oh, and thanks for your encouraging comment on my last post. :)


Seriously...our Salvation Army is soooo scary!!! I will try again...I will..someday...maybe...or maybe not!

The Vintage Rabbit



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