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March 27, 2009


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I understand. I can't wait for summer and for the flea markets to start up again. Looks like you found a lot though.


I know how you feel. This Sunday is the start of my favorite flea markets and the weather is going to stink. So, I guess I won't be going..
As far as work, I'm on overload too. Spent the whole morning being depressed about one of my patients and did alot of crying lastnight at work...I can't get him out of my head and I can't sleep either...
I think I might have a dose of that prescription you took, tomorrow..


oh...open those bags and let me SEE! Please?? Are going to play "I spy with my little eye"? Well, I think I spy some skeins of soft blue baby yarn, and a pink hat...but the rest is hidden! *Ü* I'll be waiting to see!

Lovely finds!!

Deena Warner

Great..a treasure hunt with good results cures all..
smiles, deena


I have stumbled upon your website a couple times and love the images you put up. The blue dish with a jumble of pearls is so pretty. You must live in the Montreal area. I am dying to come up and visit the flea markets there. Please check out my site/blog


I know what you mean. The flea markets {there's only 2 a year} start in May here too. Although, this year I hope to venture to Iowa and Kansas...they are suppose to have some good fleamarkets...and I need a fix :o)


Oh yes! It is such good therapy. Looks like lots of treasures in there.

Vicki Archer

Vintage therapy is always good therapy. Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

heatherk~pretty petals

ohhhhhh just a PEEK in those bags!!! I think there are some treasures in there to make up for missing on some shopping ventures.

We have our BIG antiques market tomorrow for the first time of the year, and it is raining raining raining. WIll have to wait for next month I guess. The warm days of summer will be here soon I just know it!



well, i bet that made you feel a little bit better:) i hope so!!!

karla nathan

I'm jealous too! It is sounding like so much fun down in TX!!



I should have gone with you yesterday for some vintage therapy.... that always works for me as well.

Peace to you and thanks for the comment.


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